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Strawberry & Peach 4-Packs in Tesco Nationwide

Steven Smith-Hay Founder of Vault City with new 4 pack strawberry and peach beers in Tesco nationwide

Vault City 4-Packs Hit Tesco Shelves

It's been 2 years since we first launched in Tesco, and the demand for seriously fruity beer has helped us reach loads of new people. We first launched our 330ml bottles, switching these out for 440ml cans a year later, and have since settled on two main beers; Triple Fruited Mango, and Raspberry Strawberry Coconut Ripple - quite a mouthful, and this goes for the beer too. 

We now have a brand new beer soon to be expected in the bagging area, and for the first time ever, it's a Vault City 4-pack! These 330ml fridge fillers are fresh, juicy and perhaps most importantly, there's 4 of them. 

new 4 pack strawberry and peach beers in Tesco nationwide

Hello Strawberry & Peach

If you're looking for a strawberry beer, this one's a peach... Okay, now we've got that out the way, we can tell you that this beer has all the staples of a Vault City session sour; it's bold in flavour with a bright red colour, a delicately sweet aroma and a gentle sour finish.  

We've jam packed this beer with juicy strawberries and succulent peaches to bring you a taste of summertime, any time. Tart and refreshing in equal measure, each mouthful is rounded off with sweet vanilla for a smooth, creamy finish. At 4.2% this 4-pack makes the perfect pairing for a picnic, BBQ or birthday party.

new 4 pack strawberry and peach beers in Tesco nationwide

Where To Get It

Just like the rest of our supermarket releases, Strawberry & Peach sits out with our regular rotational releases. We'll continue to release 3 new beers every 2-3 weeks with our sessions, mid and high Vault-age sours available in bottle shops, bars, and our web store.

Our new 4-packs are available nationwide across all major Tesco stores in the UK and online, so keep your eyes peeled the next time you pop to the beer aisle for your weekend tipple. 

Thanks to our house mixed-culture, our beers are shelf stable, so they don’t need refrigerated in store, but it’s worth chilling them once you get them home so they can be enjoyed at the perfect temperature. There's nothing better than a cold beer on a warm day, right? 

Vault City new 4 pack strawberry and peach beers in Tesco nationwide
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