• 4 Day Work Week

    In a little over a year since hiring our first member of staff we’ve grown to a team of 8 incredible full timers and believe that getting the best out of people means treating them the best we can.

    The biggest step we are making as a company to look after our staff is moving towards a 4 day work week, promoting a work / life balance.

  • Big Fruit Energy

    It’s no secret that we love all kinds of fruit in our Modern Sour Beer and that we have a rather heavy-handed approach when it comes to our additions.

    Our House Mixed-Culture provides the perfect sour base beer to let the fruit additions shine; berries pop, currants mellow, tropical fruits sing and in combination we are able to create something really special.

  • Putting our money where our mouth is

    Words are easy. Actions, on the other hand, are difficult. Saying we’ll continue to support independents might make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but when it comes down to it, how do we do it?  

  • The Tesco Conversation

    From Monday 19th April we’re thrilled to announce that Vault City will have two new beers launching exclusively in Tesco stores across the UK. 

    This is a long one, it’s not meant to be preachy, just a place for our cards to go right on the table and tell everyone that has helped get where we are what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and what it means for Vault City. This is 18 months in the making and something I’ve spent a long time thinking over, so strap in for a ramble:

  • Looking back at 2020

    What a year at Vault City Brewing! 50 new beers, 4 new team members and 1 new brewery. Never mind the pandemic!

    That’s it from us for 2020. We’ll see you all with some fresh releases and more info on the new brewery in next year.

  • Artwork by Joseph Divis

    We caught up with our pal Joseph Divis (Miyakidoko) now that his artwork features exclusively on Vault City Brewing beer. His illustrations help us to demonstrate that our beers are full of mad flavours and complexity but also super approachable and fun. 
  • Yeasty Business

    At the very heart of Vault City Brewing lies our house mixed-culture. 

    A unique blend of Kveik and Lactobacillus strains which provide us with delicious tropical esters and a deliciously tart acidity.

  • A leap of faith

    It’s a unique position somewhere between gypsy, contract and cuckoo brewing but we’ve found our stride with our new neighbours.
  • Vault City Brewing Origin Story

    We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings in the kitchen. Here’s a wee story about how we got to wherever we are now:
  • What makes a Modern Sour Beer?

    From here on out we’ll be rotating through these three ranges for each release out of Vault City Brewing's door. Roughly every two weeks we'll have three brand new beers to unveil, one corresponding to each category of Modern Sour Beer mentioned.
  • Pairing Sour Beer and Food

    One of the great joys of beer (yes there are many) is pairing their flavours with food.

    We want to see everyone enjoy beer with food as much as we do. So, here are some guidelines specific to sour beer pairing.

  • Introducing: Session Sours

    Introducing our Session Sour Series.

    Sit back and settle in for a sour session.