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Vault City Core Range Launch

Sour to the Core

We’re launching a core range and we’re doing it in the most Vault City way possible – by inviting 200 bars, pubs, taprooms and fine beer pouring establishments to join us!

On May 12th, 200 bars across the UK will be helping us mark the occasion, pouring our brand new core range of Cloudy Lemonade and Strawberry Sundae.

Since the early days of Vault City, we’ve focused on rotational releases, typically three every three weeks (or two every two weeks if you’ve been with us a while…). The introduction of our core range won’t change that. We’re too curious, and let’s face it, too restless to just do one thing. What it does mean, is that alongside our Sour Sunday drops, we’ll have two sessionable sours available at all times, starting with keg only, and soon moving to cans.

Cloudy Lemonade, Citra & Nelson Sauvin

An evolution of, in our humble opinion, one of the best session sours we’ve ever made. This tart and refreshing Cloudy Lemonade is bursting with citrus flavours from fresh lemon juice and zest. Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops pair perfectly with the zingy character of our mixed fermentation base beer, creating a light and crushable, vegan friendly sour rounded off with lingering sweetness.

Reminiscent of an ice cold refreshment on a warm summer’s day, Cloudy Lemonade is enjoyable when the sun is out, and even when it’s not.

Strawberry Sundae

Strawberries and Vault City go hand in hand. Working with a Perthshire farm, we used locally sourced produce in some of our earliest recipes and our Skies series, which became the inspiration for the second half of our new core range.

This delightful sour is strawberries and cream in a glass. Sweet and juicy Scottish strawberries pair perfectly with our sour base beer to create something smooth and full bodied. You can expect mouth-watering flavours of traditional strawberries and cream with the addition of lactose and smooth Madagascan vanilla beans.

Launch Party

We were blown away by the response to our core range, and we’re extremely grateful to everyone who joins us on May 12th! With 200 bars pouring our new Vault City lines, we decided to show you exactly where you could find your nearest Cloudy Lemonade or Strawberry Sundae (or both!).







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