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Vault City Brewing Origin Story

This (unfathomable) year marked the second anniversary of Vault City Brewing!

Although birthday celebrations were side-lined the middle of summer it’s given us a pause for some thought and reflection. We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings in the kitchen. Here’s a wee story about how we got to wherever we are now:

Back in 2018 Steve and Johnny came together over a mutual love of out-there beers and the process of taking simple ingredients and making something extraordinary through the magic of fermentation. A budding business quickly formed through friendship with wort boiling on the kitchen stove and fermenters bubbling in the background.

Fast forward a few months and the pair were up to their elbows in brews, cooking up a storm in 400L batches on the stove and fermenting in the basement. Cue the first releases under the Vault City brand – Elderflower Sour and Mango Sour. These super small batch beers landed with high praise from friends, family and, to our delight, across the industry in Scotland!

Not long after Vault City Brewing sour beers were available across the UK we suddenly had the opportunity to take our beers to Beavertown Extravaganza! Getting in front of so many new people at this event was huge for us. After that first taste we hit the full festival circuit last year making appearances at the likes of We Are Beer’s London, Bristol and Edinburgh Craft Beer Festivals and Fyne Fest. We even poured internationally at Brewskival in Sweden and ArtbrewFest in Portugal. To wrap up an action-packed year on the road we attended IMBC in Manchester where we were invited to compete in the Thirsty Games (we lost).

After a hectic summer touring with our freshly minted Modern Sour Beers the opportunity of a brewing space opened up and we were able to move the brewery out of the basement and start to grow…

More tales from the Vault soon!

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