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Top 10 cocktail-inspired Sour Beers

Top 10 cocktail-inspired Sour Beers

It’s World Cocktail Day (yay), on a rainy Monday (boo), but we’re not letting that get in the way of an SEO goldmine. So, crack out your fanciest glassware, we’re raising a toast to our 10 highest rated cocktail-inspired sour beers!

It’s no secret that we like to push the boundaries of beer. We release at least 6 new flavours every month as limited-edition batches, and that lets us get really creative - taking inspiration from iconic sips to cult classics. If you’re new to Vault City, here are a few of our favourites that you may have missed…


1. Strawberry Woo Woo, 11%

4.25/5, 3849 ratings

We’re sure this one will woo your taste buds. Our take on the classic Strawberry Woo Woo, created using mountains of fresh Scottish Strawberries, cranberry and bright juicy peaches for a vibrant colour and unmistakable aroma. Brewed once at 11% and again at 9%, both equally comfortable in a pint or cocktail glass.


Vault City Strawberry Woo Woo Cocktail inspired sour beer

2. Piñazo Sour, 8.5%

4.17/5, 2019 ratings

A throwback to our first ever Pina Colada-inspired sour beer, with huge tropical flavours to satiate that holiday thirst. A pinazo directly translated is a sudden punch in the face. Pinazo Sour is just that - huge hits of pineapple and coconut, although count yourself forewarned about the impact. Cocktail umbrella is totally optional.


Vault City Pina Colada cocktail inspired sour beer

3. Blackcurrant Kir Royale, 8%

4.17/5, 1994 ratings

An iconic French cocktail recipe combining crème de cassis and chilled champagne, now the inspiration for a sour beer we’ve brewed 4 times (which is a lot for us, as we rarely revisit old releases)…

Our take on the Kir Royale combined juicy Scottish blackcurrants and white wine grapes creating an ultra-refreshing sour beer with champagne elegance.


Vault City Blackcurrant Kir Royale cocktail-inspired sour beer

4. Staggeringly Stoopid – Blue Hawaiian Smoothie Sour, 6.8%

4.14/5, 209 ratings

Inspired by Blue Hawaiian cocktails, our latest smoothie sour was brewed with Staggeringly Good, and dedicated once again to anyone who’s ever asked; “Why can’t beer just taste like beer?”

Jam-packed with unfermented fruit for the freshest aromas and flavours, featuring ripe banana, juicy pineapple, coconut cream, and spirulina to create the iconic blue colour.


Vault City Staggeringly Stoopid Blue Hawaiian Cocktail inspired smoothie sour

5. Very Cheeky / Veeky Chimto / Cheeky Vimto, 8%

4.1/5, 3536 ratings

This is another cocktail-inspired sour beer so good we had to brew it again (and again). Playful and popular, this incredibly straight-forward cocktail is simply Port and Blue WKD, mimicking the distinctive fruity flavour of Vimto. It’s a throwback to our youth that we wanted to relive without all the embarrassing fashion choices.  

We combined the sophistication of aged port with the audacity of alcopops through ludicrous fruiting levels using blackcurrant, raspberries and white wine grape juice. A heady concoction of blue alcopop and tawny port for a bubble-gum blast with a touch of spice.


Vault City Very Cheeky Cocktail inspired sour beer

6. Raspberry Kir Royale, 11.5%

4.1/5, 1774 ratings

Revisiting one of our favourites from earlier in the blog, we swapped out blackcurrant for ripe, juicy raspberries in a new twist on the iconic Kir Royale cocktail.

White grape and end of season raspberries combine with our house-mixed culture resulting in a jammy, spritzy delight whatever glass you choose to drink it from!


Vault City Raspberry Kir Royale Cocktail Inspired

7. Passion Fruit Martini, 6.4%

4.08/5, 1700 ratings

A twist on the classic martini (also known as the P*rnstar Martini)… definitely shaken not stirred! Invented in the early 2000s by British bartender Douglas Ankrah before quickly gaining popularity worldwide. Tropical bursts from passion fruit pairs with white wine grapes and lime juice, balanced by a refreshing acidity and hints of vanilla sweetness.


Vault City Passion Fruit Martini Cocktail inspired sour beer

8. Bruichladdich Barrel Aged Whisky Sour, 11%

4.02/5, 2028 ratings

A three way collab between Vault City, Bruichladdich, and Brewgooder inspired by the humble whisky sour cocktail.

The beer was brewed in Portobello, Edinburgh, using a mixed fermentation base sour and barrel-aged in Bruichladdich casks for nine months to infuse it with the iconic character of Bruichladdich’s unpeated Islay single malt. The depth of flavour from the casks provides delicate notes of sweet oak and barley, while the addition of hand-picked lemon balm foraged locally from Islay and Scottish heather honey create a perfect balance of tart acidity and smoky-sweetness.

In a combined effort to strive for a better future, every litre of beer sold funded 1,000 litres of clean water to communities around the world through Brewgooder’s ‘Billion Pint Pledge’.


Vault City Bruichladdich Brewgooder barrel aged whisky sour beer cocktail inspired beer

9. Caught in the Rain, 7%

3.98/5, 1562 ratings

If the mere sight of this beer’s name doesn’t have you singing, then a few sips definitely will. A second Pina Colada-inspired sour beer makes this a firm favourite in team Vault City.

Made with all the trademarks of the classic cocktail, we’ve blended juicy pineapple puree with rich coconut to create that tropical taste you’re looking for.


Vault City Caught in the Rain Pina Colada Cocktail Inspired Sour Beer

10. Singapore Sling, 6.4%

3.91/5, 414 ratings

Our final cocktail-inspired sour beer was brewed with our pals at Quality Drops, paying homage to what many consider to be Singapore’s national drink.

The Singapore Sling combines fresh, vibrant fruit flavours with smooth, botanical notes for an ultra-refreshing cocktail inspired sour beer with layers of sweet, tart juiciness.


Vault City Singapore Sling Cocktail inspired sour beer
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