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The End of Sour Sundays?


The end of Sour Sundays

For the longest time, our amazing customers have set their alarms early on Sour Sundays, often pushing through a hellish hangover in anticipation of our new releases hitting the online shop.

This support and dedication from our Vault City community has been and continues to be so important to us as an independent brewery, but the time has come for a change which sees us saying goodbye to Sour Sunday as we know it…


How it started

March 29th 2020 marked the first ever Sour Sunday at Vault City. One week after our web shop first opened and two weeks after the government announced a UK wide lockdown…

Sour Sundays for us in the early days were about survival but as the pandemic went on far longer than we ever anticipated, we found there were lots of people still looking to try new beers and keep themselves occupied throughout lockdown.

The absence of pubs, clubs, parties, family gatherings, and let’s face it, most other weekend commitments, meant getting up for a cheeky web shop order on a Sunday morning wasn’t a huge ask.  

Early access for our email subscribers was paramount if you wanted to snag one of the new beers from our small batch releases in the early days. While it’s still important for our big releases (cue Iron Brew Sour), we’ve since moved into our own brewery and have enough tank space to make sure (for the most part) that people can get hold of what they want, even if they snooze that alarm a few times on a Sour Sunday.

 Old Vault City Releases

All Sundays should be sour

Things have changed a lot since March 2020, but we’ve stuck with our Sour Sunday release schedule, only making small tweaks this time last year to the volume of beers we released.

Every three weeks we release at least three new beers for our Sour Sunday ritual, but we recently got to thinking, shouldn’t every Sunday be sour?

More than two years ago, Sour Sundays were for ordering something new and exciting or sipping something sour in the house. These days, Sour Sundays are enjoyed across bars, bottle shops and beyond – and we love it! We love it so much that we don’t want to be tied exclusively to that day for new releases.


When the Vault Opens

We want people to buy beer for the weekend ahead, not the weekend after. Putting our new releases out on a Tuesday will help us do that.

We’ll limit our early access newsletters to special releases and we’re even planning a few subscriber-only exclusives next year. We also aren’t tying ourselves to three-week intervals between releases so you may see more sours on your screens from time to time!

We’ve almost finished our new beer announcements and we couldn’t be more excited for the latest drop.

The Vault opens 04.10.22 – and we hope to see you there.



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