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International Women's Day - Break the Bias

Vendy adding malt to start brewing beer at Vault City Brewery

Last year, brave women from all around the globe shared their experiences of sexism within the brewing world and it sent ripples through the industry, highlighting a need for real change.

Today is International Women’s Day, and the theme is Break the Bias, calling for a commitment to smashing stereotypes, breaking inequality and rejecting discrimination.

It’s clear that our industry has a long way to go in terms of gender bias and representation, so we wanted to share our career journeys, what inspired us and share the advice we’d give to any women interested in joining the brewing industry.


Vendy Rychtecka, Production Supervisor

Vendy in the Vault City Brewery

I love how the brewing industry connects so many people together. People like to collaborate, have a good time and make good beer! What I also love is that there are no limits. As you can see with Vault City, the most ludicrous suggestions for a beer can and often will make it to our release schedule and we will go for it!

In terms of women in brewing, we’ve all seen what has been happening over the last year or so when brave women shared their stories of sexism that still exists in many parts of the industry, where women were and probably still are treated very badly. So, I am very grateful how many people stood up to this and became united in championing women’s rights within the industry. The Brave Noise project kicked off around the world to drive awareness and raise money for women’s charities to help create safe spaces and more inclusive environments.

I would just say to anyone who is considering joining the industry, don't be afraid of anything and jump right into it. There are so many lovely people around to support you, and never-ending opportunities.

Charlotte Brooke, Sales Coordinator

Charlotte at the Vault City Brewery

My voyage into beer really began after moving to Edinburgh to study. I found myself working part time in a 40-tap craft beer bar, where I met some amazingly knowledgeable and engaging people who taught me a lot about beer, and all that comes with it.

Seeing the passion others share for the industry and the end-product is both exciting, and unifying. Women who have a passion in this area are now making their mark on the craft beer world - and I believe it’s better for it.

The industry that I and my fellow female colleagues work in was and still is a male-dominated field. For any women considering a career in beer, go for it. Whilst voices are being heard and representation is growing, it’s important to keep having the difficult conversations, keep pushing for equality and keep believing, hearing and supporting women.

Lisa Welsh, Ecommerce Supervisor

Lisa lifting a box at the Vault City brewery

My favourite thing about working in craft beer is seeing how varied and different each brewery is, and how that creates an endless list of unique beers to try. I worked in hospitality for a long time so when I saw bars and restaurants start to dabble in craft beer, it really piqued my interest. Since then, there’s been a massive increase in independent breweries.

I’ve always enjoyed beer, but over the last 10 years I’ve loved seeing so many new breweries popping up, and I really started to enjoy more experimental releases. My favourite at the moment, comes from a friend’s home brew, called Fat Lad’s Brewery.

For any women interested in a career in the brewing industry, I’d say go for it! It’s still a male dominated industry so we want to encourage as many passionate, talented women as possible to get involved. My advice to those women would be to approach breweries, and don’t be shy. It’s also worth bearing in mind that in this fast-growing industry, opportunities come up all the time. You could join a brewery to do one role, and this could be your foot in the door for loads more opportunities in the future.

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