Can. You Dig It?

Vault City Can Lids


Well, the cat's out of the bag. This week we showed the world our newest releases for the first Sour Sunday of 2022 - and two of them stood tall in 440ml cans - a first for us at Vault City. 

Iron Brew Sour in a can is a no brainer. There's nothing more iconic than a can of the good stuff. However, when we revealed our Cloudy Lemonade Session Sour, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge this change.  



Ever since the early days, brewing and bottling from Steve's kitchen, Vault City beers were sold in 375ml bottles, with the later addition of our Session Sours in 330ml bottles, for more sessionable volumes at a lower ABV. This has been the way for the three and a half years we've been a brewery (with the rare occasion of a clear bottle!). 

So why the change? The simple fact is that canning some of our releases makes our lives easier and they're filled with the same great beer, typically being poured into a glass right after they're opened. We can stack more cans on pallets which helps us keep the beer deliveries coming, and makes it simpler to store beer at the brewery. They're also easier for us to get hold of, which helps keep our Operations Director Andy's blood pressure down. Lastly, there's a cost saving. It's not much but it helps us keep our Session Sour prices fair for our customers, as well as the bottle shops and bars that buy beer from us. 



The introduction of cans doesn't mean the end of bottles at Vault City. Our over the top belters will still be in 375ml bottles every Sour Sunday. However, our Session Sours will now be in 440ml cans, starting of course with Cloudy Lemonade and Iron Brew. 

More Vault City can't be a bad thing, right? 

Vault City January Releases; Cloudy Lemonade, Iron Brew and Rhubarb and Custard