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Artwork by Joseph Divis

Earlier this year when we launched the Session Sour series it felt like a departure form our regular offering. To help differentiate that these beers were more ‘6 pack at the beach’ than ‘1/6 of a pint at the bottle share’ we turned to our pal Joseph Divis (Miyakidoko) to create a bold, lively and fun label design.

We loved the artwork for the Session Sour series so much that we asked Joseph to keep the theme running to encompass all our Modern Sour Beers. His illustrations help us to demonstrate that our beers are full of mad flavours and complexity but also super approachable and fun. 

Here’s a quick catch up we had with Joseph on his involvement with the current Vault City Brewing artwork:


VC: Hey Joseph, how’s things down in Lockdown London at the moment? Is it having much impact on you as an artist?

J: Given what a lot of people are going through I can’t complain. Its not been ideal for anyone but the second lockdown doesn’t seem to be as bad as the first and in general working from home has allowed me more time with my girlfriend which is great. In terms of creative work, it forces you to adapt and move in a slightly different direction, but it’s been a busy period focusing on a few personal projects and working more closely with you guys.


VC: Glad to hear you’re keeping busy! I’m just curious, what got you into graphic design in the first place?

J: When I was younger I did a lot of art and painting but as I got older work became a priority, so as with all things it got pushed to one side. I definitely felt something was missing, so a few years ago I bought a laptop and started to get into digital art and design and it’s rewarding to now be working in a more creative way.


VC: We’ve loved having your personal style on the Session Sour bottles and more recently on the Serious and Silly sours. Can you give us an insight into how these designs came about / your creative process?

J: Thanks. I like impressionism and abstract art and wanted to find a way to bring these into a label design and to work with you to create a unique concept for the session sours. We wanted something that felt organic and represented the natural elements going into the beer itself. The finished ‘splash effect’ hopefully gives the designs some fluidity too and we’ve now incorporated this across all three categories (Session, Serious and Silly). Each category has an individual design concept which will in time evolve to try and keep the labels fresh. In terms of each release the intention is for the label to provide an impression of the sour within whilst maintaining an abstract look bespoke to that release. We will also look to switch things up a bit for special releases and other projects.



VC: What’s been your favourite part of working with a craft brewery?

 J: With Vault, it no doubt has been the opportunity to work with the wide variety of releases and bonkers flavour combinations. It’s great to constantly be surprised (had to google Tayberry!) and to work collaboratively to try and compliment the label to the flavours. Being educated about beer (particularly sour beer) and the industry in general has been a bonus too.


VC: What other beer label art would you steer people towards?

J : There is so much great art and concepts in craft beer at the moment it’s hard to name just a few but Deya, Beak, Hudson Valley, Omnipollo, Duration, Mikkeller, LHG & Lervig would be some favourites.


VC: What’s your favourite Vault City sour?

J: Of the sessions sours I really liked the Rybena and Apricot releases. Of the heavier stuff I tried the Pear and Vanilla recently which was superb! But there’s a lot more I need to try!


VC : and you’re favourite non-Vault city beer?

J : As its winter, probably any stout from the Kernel here in Bermondsey


VC: Sounds epic! Thanks for taking the time to catch up. We'll be in touch about that barrel aged stout label soon! 

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